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Víctor Hugo Laurel Chacón“As a passionate educator and inquirer, I want to offer you the most useful information about new constructivist tendencies, as well as pedagogical strategies that do work. Whether you are a student of Education or an experienced teacher in exercise, here you will find the material to inspire you, refresh your knowledge and hone your skills.”

Víctor Laurel

Releasing in April, 2019…

El corazón y la esencia del constructivismo. Guía para un constructivismo más puro en la escuela (“The Heart and Essence of Constructivism. A guide for a purest constructivism at school”). A book for teachers and students that want to go deep into theory and practice. From planning through assessment. A book that will fill the gaps and solve  the concerns of those amazed by the most innovator methodologies and strategies in Education. 

(Released in Spanish first).

Rule of 3-5

How do we get our students to write more than one argument without even reminding them? How do you get them to go over more than one source of inquiry independently?

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